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Immigration to Australia

 Immigration to Australia

Immigration to Australia
Immigration to Australia

Many people want a smooth life with a high degree of luxury in any of the high-end developed countries, including Australia, where the education is of the highest quality, the high standard of living, the civilized population and other advantages that you will be very happy with, and therefore we in this article will be We have a detailed conversation about immigration to Australia to enjoy all of these benefits.

But let's first get acquainted with some information about Australia, as it represents the smallest continent in the world and at the same time the largest country that does not have land borders and the sixth largest country in the world with what it includes from other islands, its population is about twenty-three million people, and it spreads several languages such as Arabic, Vietnamese and others But the official language is English.

What are the immigration programs for Australia?

Immigration to Australia is based on two programs: The first is the migration program for skilled workers to Australia, meaning what is known as the migration of skilled workers to Australia, which makes both professionals and experienced professionals able to immigrate to Australia according to the express entry system to it after fulfilling the required conditions of what is known as immigration points Specified.

As for the second immigration program, it is known as the Investment Migration Program, and it generally aims to encourage both businessmen and women to contribute to the growth of Australia by investing in it and establishing their own business in Australia, and even buying financial assets in Australia's multiple banks.

What are the advantages that you will gain from your immigration to Australia?

As we mentioned previously, Australia is a developed country, and we add to it that it cares about human dignity and always seeks to advance and develop that. The Australian government provides free education for children as well as free health insurance with tax benefits for families who are permanent residents and Australian citizens in addition to the existence of a material support system for newborns where the family gets She gets $ 5,500 Australian dollars with every new baby born.

In addition to all this, there is first home insurance for permanent residents and Australian citizens, which is a payment of about 26,000 Australian dollars for the new home, as well as full and integrated work rights, and even assistance in obtaining work and immigration to Australia and with some time it will be possible to obtain citizenship Australian with the possibility of including spouses, children, and parents in your residence.

What conditions must you meet to be able to immigrate to Australia?

As we have previously mentioned that the immigration program is based on points, and in order to be able to gain the number of points that qualify you for admission to immigration, you must meet the following: You must be between the ages of 22-44 years, you work in any of the professions that have been identified in the list of required professions By the Australian Department of Home Affairs and the Australian Department of Border Protection and Immigration.

We add to all this that you possess what is known as the minimum required language skills, that is, for example, you get six out of nine in the IELTS exam or any exam accepted by the immigration system, with both personality requirements and health requirements compatible, and at the end of the matter you get five And at least sixty points in the Australian immigration points system.

How much money will it cost to apply to Australian immigration programs?

They are very small amounts if compared to the benefits you will get if you are accepted into any Australian immigration program, as the fees for submitting a skills assessment application are between 500-1,000 Australian dollars, while the government fees for the main applicant, for example, are 3.755 Australian dollars for children Over the age of 18, the fee is approximately A $ 1,875, while for children under the age of 18, the fee is approximately A $ 940.