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The best ways to apply for asylum in Belgium

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the best ways to apply for asylum in Belgium

The best ways to apply for asylum in Belgium

Seeking asylum in Belgium has recently become a common thing, especially for Palestinian and Iraqi citizens, as well as other countries.
This is due to the difficulties and tragedies that they live in their countries of origin.

But the asylum application to this country depends on several conditions and rules, so that the asylum application can be rejected due to the mistakes made by the asylum seekers.

Recently, the number of rejected asylum applications was counted, and it was confirmed that 6.5 percent of asylum seekers were returned to their countries of origin.

For anyone who is interested in asylum in Belgium, he will find in this article all the information related to the asylum application to Belgium, the conditions for asylum, how to apply for asylum, etc.

Where can you apply for asylum in Belgium?

Refugees can arrive in Belgium legally or illegally. When they arrive in Belgium, the first thing to do is to register your asylum application.
So that this request can be made in several places, including the Aliens Cases Authority or the Immigration Office, this request must be made within the first eight days after arrival in Belgium.

For people who are refused entry to Belgium, they can apply for asylum at the border,
After that, they can be sent to detention centers, although they can apply for asylum from their place of detention.
When you apply for asylum, you will be given a document proving your asylum application under No. (26),
Working hours for immigration offices, all week from 9:00 to 10:00.
Tel: +32 793 2 95 00
Address: Chaussée d'Anvers 59, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium
Website for Aliens Issues:

How is the application for asylum in Belgium registered?

After applying for asylum, then some things that are necessary to accept the asylum application will be done, including taking some pictures of the asylum seeker and taking his fingerprints.

In addition, this person was subjected to some tests, including examining the person's lungs
The language in which the refugee application will be processed will be determined by the Aliens Affairs Department.

One of the things that can be asked of you is to identify yourself in detail, how you got to Belgium, and then you will be asked to submit the documents in your possession.

After that, you will be given a list containing a set of questions that you must answer, including clarifying your place of residence during the asylum application review period.

Where can an asylum seeker stay during the invitation period?

During the processing period of the asylum application in Belgium, housing is provided for these people, in one of the refugee reception centers,
In the case of a family requesting asylum, the administration of the center can allocate a place of residence for them.

In addition, all the daily needs of food and clothing, as well as medical assistance, are provided, but if the refugees prefer to leave the refugee reception center, in this case they will not benefit from any assistance.

That is why it is necessary to think well before deciding to leave the center, given the difficulty of life outside it, because the refugee will have to provide for himself and provide for his daily needs.
Living in a reception center is a good thing, given the benefit of a range of things, including the provision of social assistance to refugees, to help them obtain asylum.

Summoning a refugee to complete an application for asylum:

After a period of submitting the asylum application, the refugee is summoned by the authority concerned with asylum applications.
So that a summons is sent to the refugee through the address he provided during the asylum application.
If the refugee is in refugee reception centers, he will receive an invitation to these centers.

When this refugee goes to the interview, he has the right to demand that he be accompanied by a lawyer.
During this interview, you can ask the refugee some questions, for example:
He explained the reasons that led him to come to Belgium and leave his home country.

Provide explanations or documents justifying the reason for applying for asylum
What are the reasons that made him choose Belgium, as a place of asylum.

These are part of the questions that may be asked, in addition to other questions. That is why we advise you to be honest in answering the questions, because in the event of a lie, you may not be deprived of asylum.

After this meeting, this request will be carefully studied, after which the final decision will be announced, i.e. accepting or rejecting the asylum application, based on the evidence and arguments presented by the asylum seeker.

Asylum system in Belgium:

After studying the application, the asylum application can be positive, meaning that the asylum application is accepted. In this case, the refugee is granted the right to political asylum, and he enjoys all Belgian rights, meaning that he will be treated as a Belgian citizen.

In the event that there is insufficient evidence to grant asylum, a refugee is offered temporary residence in Belgium, during which period this refugee enjoys subsidiary protection.

The duration of this temporary residence is one year, and this residence can be renewed during each year, so that if this refugee has spent five years in Belgium, he can apply for permanent residence.

As for the last case, which is the negative case, that is, the rejection of the asylum application, in this case the applicant must leave or may be deported, so that Belgium takes care of all matters of deportation.