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How to immigrate to Lithuania through (work - investment - asylum - study)?

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Immigration to Lithuania

How to immigrate to Lithuania through (work - investment - asylum - study)?

In this article, we will discuss the conditions for immigration to Lithuania related to work, asylum, investment and study, as we review together all the conditions and laws for any of these methods, as well as the required documents. Thus, dear reader, while learning about these different ways of emigrating to Lithuania, you can finally choose the best way to emigrate to that country steeped in wealth and luxury. If it is important to you, please read the next few lines very carefully.

Conditions for immigration to Lithuania through work:

To obtain the conditions for immigration to Lithuania through work, the applicant must apply for a visa and residence permit to work in Lithuania. In order to obtain this important thing, the applicant must obtain a work permit before entering the country. This work permit is issued only if a professional person is in Lithuania for a job and there is no qualified person in this country. He must first get a Lithuanian employer who is inclined to hire him. After confirming work documents, residence documents and documents must also be endorsed. Before endorsing these documents, the Lithuanian Employment Organization must register a vacant position for this job one month prior to submitting the job. There should be no qualified person for this job during this period. The applicant must have a certified degree from a recognized university. Another qualification is that the applicant has one year of work experience during the last two years, and after submitting these documents, the work visa will be issued after 20 days.

Conditions for immigration to Lithuania through asylum:

The asylum seeker must submit his application in the following manner:

To the border crossings of the Republic of Lithuania or in the territory of Lithuania where legal borders are set for state protection. Then to the police station. Then to the foreigners' registration centers. A refugee submits an asylum application on behalf of underage family members. According to the laws of Lithuania, asylum seekers under the legal age are detained after submitting their asylum application. The decision on the refugee application file is reviewed and made by the Minister of Interior of that country.

While the asylum application is being reviewed, the person has the following rights and duties:

1- Residing in the refugee camp and benefiting from its services.

2- His documents for asylum application are reviewed.

3- Benefit from government-guaranteed legal aid.

Conditions for immigration to Lithuania through investment

 Investing in Lithuania can be one of the ways to enter this country. Before applying for investment in Lithuania or in any other country, applicants must analyze the investment criteria and influencing indicators in this matter. One of the important criteria for choosing a country for investment is the security of investment in that country. Foreign investors have equal rights with Lithuanian investors and this matter has attracted foreign investors to invest in this country. Among other criteria, the property confiscation rate can be indicated. According to the latest statistics, the property confiscation rate in Lithuania is number 1. In addition, investors should pay attention to indicators affecting investment, including Lithuania's GDP, tax rate and unemployment rate in this country. Investing in Lithuania can be done in different ways: investment through real estate purchase, investment through company registration and entrepreneurship and investment through bond purchase.

Conditions for immigration to Lithuania through study:

 It is possible to study in Lithuania at various levels, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees. Lithuanian universities are divided into two forms: private universities and public universities. Lithuania has 14 state universities, 9 non-state universities, 2 state universities, 2 non-state colleges and vocational colleges, 13 state colleges and 11 non-state colleges and technical and vocational universities.

At the bachelor level:

Studying at this level lasts for 3 to 6 years, depending on the field of study that the applicant chooses.

At the master's level:

The duration of this course in Lithuania is two years, and courses in Lithuanian universities start in September and June.

At the doctoral level:

The duration of this course is for 3 to 4 years and students are required to submit a dissertation topic to the professor at the beginning of the semester.

Teaching at all these levels takes place in English in universities in Lithuania.