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immigrating to Italy

Important information that you should not miss when immigrating to Italy

Important information that you should not miss when immigrating to Italy
immigrating to Italy

Italy is one of the popular destinations for many young people around the world, especially from the North African region due to several factors, including the proximity of the distance between these countries and the ease of learning the Italian language due to its proximity to the French language, which is the second language of these countries and also for the ease of obtaining residence papers compared to other countries. rest of European countries. Now here is the most important information about this migration that will help everyone who wants to do it perform its procedures with ease.

Immigration to Italy by studying:

Immigration to Italy is a dream for many students who want to complete or continue their studies in the country, due to the quality of education in Italy, which is considered the best in Europe, and has many advantages that are not found in other countries, and therefore all Italian universities require that the foreign student be It has been 12 years of study, and a student who wants to study in Italy must obtain a student visa.

Immigration to Italy by work:

When traveling to Italy in order to engage in business related activities, such as visiting a company/company to hold meetings, make business deals, for recruitment, training or other similar activities, you will need to obtain a business visa for Italy.

The conditions for this work visa are: 

Cover letter from the Italian inviting company. The letter must indicate your name and designation, travel dates, itinerary, duration of stay, details of the trip sponsor, purpose of visit and signed by an authorized person. Certificate of registration of the inviting company. A letter from the employer. In this letter, you must state the reason for your travel to Italy. Proof of travel financing. With regard to the applicant's expenses during his stay in Italy, the employer or the partner company must specify the coverage of the expenses in the letter or invitation.

Immigration to Italy for tourism:

If you intend to visit Italy for the sole purpose of tourism, i.e. vacation, entertainment, experience the country and its culture or sightseeing, you will have to apply for an Italian tourist visa.

Immigration to Italy by asylum:

Any person in the world has the right to apply for humanitarian asylum in Italy, but those cases submitted are studied, and applications are approved in accordance with the criteria and conditions set by Italian law for approval of humanitarian asylum in Italy. After reaching the Italian border, he submits an application for asylum and the application of the person submitted is studied, and he is then informed of the approval of the asylum application or the rejection of the application. It is possible that he is subjected to death, imprisonment, torture, and a person subjected to religious persecution, so the person flees in order to preserve his faith and his life.

The refugee must be a member of the political or religious parties, and his party is subject to persecution by the government in his country of origin and is under threat within his country. Humanitarian asylum is accepted when subjected to any kind of torture or psychological or physical harm. When a person is subjected to severe bullying and racism because of their religion, color, race or gender.