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5 really excellent ways to immigrate and reside in Moldova

 5 really excellent ways to immigrate and reside in Moldova

immigrate and reside in Moldova

The Republic of Moldova is one of the European countries located between Ukraine and Romania, which enjoys relatively good stability to live and live in. It is very important for those who are deprived of the homelands of safe human life. Therefore, here in this article we will explain to these 5 distinct ways to immigrate and reside in those countries, which are the best for this to happen very easily without any problems or complications of any kind, so that you can benefit from any of them if you want to stay in Moldova and live in it for a long period or for life.

Obtaining Moldovan citizenship through marriage:

That country grants you citizenship even if you did not marry a Moldovan citizen on its territory. That is, before residing and even before traveling to it, you can get married first. Then you will go to Moldova, where you will get residency. This is something you rarely find in any other European country. In addition to this, one of the advantages of this method of residence there is that the conditions for marriage themselves are very easy. Many even consider that there are no conditions for marriage in those countries.

Residence in that country for the purpose of work:

This method of residency and immigration in those countries is one of the most unique ways ever. As you will benefit incredibly commercially. As that republic enjoys a free economy on the one hand. On the other hand, per capita income is very high, thanks to the advanced economic growth that has occurred in it recently. We find that Moldovan citizenship itself allows you to enter nearly 122 European countries without any visa. Which undoubtedly makes your business there easier and more profitable.

How to resort to Moldova:

One of the advantages of this method is that the response to the asylum application is done very quickly. Under no circumstances should the delay be more than 6 months. In addition, the duration of the refugee’s residency that is granted to him, which is known as humanitarian residency, is for a full year, with the possibility of renewal on an annual basis.

And remember, dear reader, that once you obtain permanent residency for that country, you will have the right to apply for the citizenship of the Republic of Romania very easily. This is a very nice feature that many people take advantage of even though it is not available for temporary stays.

Staying in Moldova for education:

Here, we find that the residency will be temporary and will last only 3 months. However, in general, residence in Moldova is distinguished by the fact that it does not require you, whether permanent or temporary, to stay in the country without traveling to any other country or to your hometown. Rather, you can very easily leave the country whenever you want and return to it without canceling the residency that you obtained and having to do new residency procedures.

Advantages of tourism in that country:

 Moldova, like most countries in Eastern Europe, is characterized by a picturesque, charming and unique nature. Which often makes it attractive to many tourists, as it is above that dreamy nature that enjoys beautiful tourist attractions. Therefore, it is not surprising that it becomes possible to travel to it for the sake of tourism. Rather, this matter becomes one of the methods for obtaining residency and visa later. Especially since the cost of housing, living and transportation there is not high or expensive.