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Five ways are the best to immigrate to Belgium

 Five ways are the best to immigrate to Belgium

immigrate to Belgium

In this article, we will try to analyze the 5 most important ways to immigrate to Belgium. It is preferable, dear reader, before choosing between them, that you analyze your circumstances with the requirements required for each of them, and if possible, as well as take the necessary steps in any of them with the advice of an immigration lawyer. This makes you avoid a lot of problems without a doubt when doing the matter. And here are now through the next few lines those methods.

Immigration to Belgium through asylum:

One of the ways that a Belgian may end up with is asylum in Belgium, but this method is very dangerous and difficult. In this way, everything depends on the conditions of the person and the persuasion of the Immigration Office and UNHCR. Immigration to Belgium through asylum to the extent that the person must present himself to the Immigration Department upon arrival. A case is then referred to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). You will be sent to the Supreme Court Aliens Act, which may expire for many years and eventually decide to leave the country. Due to an increase in the number of refugees, there are many problems for any country regarding the housing and spending of refugees.

Immigration to Belgium through study:

Immigration to Belgium through studies is a good opportunity to obtain Belgian residency. Many applicants intend to immigrate to Belgium by studying at Belgian universities due to the low cost of study and good training. Applicants are required to obtain an IELTS or TOEFL certificate for admission to Belgian universities. Also, it is necessary to prove the financial ability to pay living expenses. By studying in a bachelor's degree, you can work 10 hours per week and in a master's degree 20 hours per week.

Immigration to Belgium through investment:

Obtaining Belgian residency through investment is possible through various programs such as property purchase, entrepreneurship and company registration, and each of them has a specific process that you can identify by addressing the relevant authorities there.

Immigration to Belgium through work:

Immigrating to Belgium through work is another way to obtain residency. In this way, the skill of the applicant's person plays a very important role in obtaining Belgian residency. Because in Belgium, a work visa is only issued through a job offer and the visa cannot be obtained by looking for work. So if you convince your employer, you can get a work permit in Belgium that will change your temporary residence to permanent residence after a certain period.

Immigration to Belgium through marriage:

Immigration to Belgium through marriage is one of the ways in which temporary residence is initially granted and permanent residence is only issued if the marriage took place in Belgium and was terminated for common reasons for a period of five years. Belgium country marriage law is similar like many European countries. Marriage with a Belgian citizen causes obtaining a residence permit. When a Belgian woman or a Belgian man marries a foreigner, there is no limit to obtaining Belgium residence and the foreigner can apply for permanent residence in Belgium.